You can complete your FUN day-date with your spouse Saturday May 23rd anytime between 9am and 9pm. Event details will be emailed to you the morning of the event by 8am.

General Details:

This Poker Run has 2 options:
OPTION 1: No matter where you live, create your own route by choosing 5 churches in your local area to drive to. Feel free to start researching cool churches in your area now!

OPTION 2: If you live in West Central Ohio and would rather not create your own route, use a route we’ve made for you to 5 area churches in Logan and Union counties.  If you choose our route, the stops and the map will be given to you by 8AM Saturday morning.

1. We’re Goin’ To The Chapel and remembering why we made VowsToKeep! Do you remember your vows? We’re going to give you 5 common wedding vows and encourage you to say one vow at each church stop. Get creative! Use props…dress for the event…take videos and pics and make it a day to remember!! 

2. Plan to bring a cell phone with you that has a camera and texting abilities. At each stop, you will be taking a “Selfie” of you and your spouse. Take creative pics, because we are also giving away a $50 gift card to an amazing local restaurant for “Best Picture”!

3. The Poker Run Details…
At each location, you will take a picture and text it to our VowsToKeep number. Once we receive your picture, we will text you back a picture of a playing card that is randomly drawn. This will now become one of the five cards you will have in your “hand”. You must text ALL five pictures (one taken at each church) to VowsToKeep by 9PM Saturday, May 23rd in order to qualify to be entered into the prize giveaway.

Post one or all of your pics to your Facebook Page and tag @vowstokeep to get texted 2 additional cards to improve your hand.

Your best 5 out of 7 cards make up your poker hand (don’t worry about telling us which cards you want for your hand. We will choose the most advantageous hand for you!) If you have one of the top 3 hands at the end of the day, we will notify you by text. Good luck! 

4. This day-date is designed for you and your spouse, but we completely understand that we are all at home together during this time…so, if you have children who cannot stay home alone, take them along and make it a family adventure and include them in the pictures if you would like! 

5.  If you live in Central Ohio and choose our pre-determined route, please note the entire route takes approximately one-hour, (not including driving to the first location from your home and driving from the last location back home). Hopefully this timeframe makes it possible for you NOT to make any bathroom stops! We have designed this event to be as GERM-FREE as possible!

6. If you get to a location on the map and there is another couple there taking their picture, please either remain in your vehicle until the other couple has completed their task OR maintain a 6 foot distance from the other couple(s). 

7. When you are at each of the 5 stops, do not touch anything at the location (church, sign, fence post, tree, etc.). This will help to keep you and other couples germ-free 🙂

8. We would love to get the word out about this event. Please help other couples experience a fun day-date by going to our facebook page, and clicking “Interested” and/or sharing this event on your personal social media.

9. Please take a moment and check out the wonderful sponsors that support this event, listed below…

Remember, you’re not limited to the route we’ve chosen. If you live in another area of the country, by all means…go for it!

If you live in West Central Ohio and wish to use our route, the stops and the map will be emailed to you Saturday May 23rd by 8AM.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (860) 531-VOWS or