The Seeds We Plant and Harvest in Our Marriage

Spring is HERE! What are you planting?
Spring, A time for new growth, for renewal. A time when we look forward to what will bloom from what we planted.

A great garden and a great marriage start with great seeds.

We don’t expect tomatoes to grow from dandelion seeds, so why do we expect wonderful things to grow in our homes when we plant seeds of bitterness, distance, indifference and sin?

God’s designs of growth in creation are amazing. The seed is planted in rich, fertile soil. The tiny seed will germinate if given the right amount of moisture and sunlight. The roots of the seedling dig down deep into the soil searching for water. When it’s root system is developed, little green shoots appear and soon there is a flower or fruit ready for harvest.

The laws of nature that God designed are true in your marriage as well. Galatians 6:7 says,  “A man will always reap the kind of crop he sows.” Have you planted seeds of indifference in your marriage then found yourself hoping for a harvest of romance?

All day long, every day we are either planting, weeding, watering or harvesting something in our marriage.

God is faithful. If you plant seeds of kindness in the soil of your spouse’s heart, you’ll reap a harvest of love or gentleness from them.

If you allow seeds of infidelity or divorce to be planted, don’t be surprised when the ugly weed of discontentment crowds out the feelings of love you once had. Take a moment and pray about what kind of seeds you’ve been sowing.

The seeds we’ve planted don’t always produce the kind of harvest we long for. It’s good to dig in and recognize the weeds that need to be pulled out.

Those seeds we sow will soon be what we are reaping. What seeds are you grabbing, planting, and watering?
Maybe seeds of anger – we plant this by our unforgiveness or harsh tone or words. Maybe it’s been seeds of discontentment, sown by comparing your marriage to others. Seeds of lust for someone who isn’t our spouse will reap a harvest of emotional or physical infidelity.

We can also allow seeds to be planted by someone else. Good seeds can be planted by someone who shares the truth of God’s Word with us. Bad seeds can be planted, too. Seeds of jealousy or independence from God or your spouse.

Who do you allow to sow into your life?

Who are you listening to? It takes a brave and honest heart to ask God to pull out these weeds. Because it could be something you’re comfortable with or something you don’t want to yank out.
It may even be something you don’t recognize as a seed planter like TV or Facebook, co-workers or a good friend.

Those things we hear can take root in our hearts if we water them by listening to them continually, by giving their words a mental nod, so to speak.

Let’s inventory the seeds being planted in our marriage and be ready to recognize a weed when we see one. Don’t let weeds begin to crowd out what’s good in your marriage.

Plant the seeds of fruit of the Spirit…

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

When you do, you’ll reap a harvest you won’t be able to contain.
Blessed is the marriage

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