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Keeping Score

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Keeping Score in Marriage How Balanced is Your Teeter Totter? In the topsy-turvy world of performance-based score keeping, we can get a little motion sick. Come and get your balance back as we discuss how Jesus keeps score. What’s does the scoreboard look like in your house? Is the wife up two points are you […]


Forgiveness…The Reset Button of Marriage

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Forgiveness Let’s talk about forgiveness in marriage today! There may be some unforgiveness lingering in your marriage. Maybe an offense that happened 10+ years ago, a hurt from last year or perhaps something that happened just this morning. Forgiveness is one of those topics that we need to linger over and consider: what I am […]


A Covenant-Keeping Marriage

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You made a promise to when you said your Vows on your wedding day.  A promise is a VOW and our vows are a COVENANT, not just between you and your spouse, but with our covenant God! I think of a covenant as something I’ve said I would do…not something that someone asked me or […]