Saving Your Marriage Alone (Pt 1)

This week’s VowsToKeep Radio broadcast is for a special group of listeners…Your marriage is in an embattled position. The war for the future of your relationship is on and your partner in combat has given up. There’s a man down and everyone is telling you…”It’s not worth it. Don’t go on the battlefield and risk your neck. Get out while you can.”

But you still hold out HOPE because you serve a BIG God. A God who created your marriage…A God you still believe can save your marriage.

But how do you Save Your Marriage Alone?

It’s not only possible, it’s what God has CALLED you to do. Today, you’ll learn there is a 3rd option. You don’t just have to survive; you don’t have to get a divorce. God’s got big plans for you and your spouse. Start listening now, there is HOPE…

Then check back next week for Part 2 of Saving Your Marriage Alone on VowsToKeep Radio!

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