3 Infirmities of Pride/No-Fail Cure Pt 2

The 3 Infirmities of Pride and God’s No-Fail Cure


There IS a cure to these 3 Infirmities of Pride and we want to give you a sneak peek into God’s answer to our sin-sickness of PRIDE. Check this out:

Self-Reliant = I’m in Control. The Cure = God is Sovereign. God asks me to Submit and Trust.

Self-Sufficient = I’m in the Know. The Cure = God Gives me Wisdom and Knowledge. God asks me to have a Teachable spirit, to Surrender and to Trust in God’s Wisdom.

Self-Righteous = I’m Deserving. The Cure = God Withholds His Wrath and Gives Grace. God asks me to be Thankful and to Trust in His Grace, not my performance.

All these antidotes can be summed up in one word: Humility. If pride is slowly killing your marriage, the medicine is humility. The quickest route to humility and therefore the quickest route to unity is submission and surrender and thanksgiving.

We have a sin-sickness called Pride but God has a No-Fail Cure that He’s inviting us to take today.

In Part 2 of this series, we cover the Infirmities of Pride called Self-Sufficiency and Self-Righteousness. Click below to start listening now…

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