Bible for Marriage Part 6 – The 10 Commandments 7-10

Bible for Marriage Part 6 – The 10 Commandments 7-10

Here’s a tease of what we’ll cover in this broadcast as we look at the last of the Commandments in Exodus 20.

#7 You shall not commit adultery. Adultery boils down to this: breaking your covenant relationship.

This could be Emotional. Physical. Mental, in your mind. ANY TIME WE SEEK UNION with someone outside our covenant marriage, we commit adultery.

#8 You must not Steal. We can steal from our spouse by not giving them the time that they deserve. We can steal from our spouse by not giving the emotional or physical attention they need. We steal most commonly by how we treat our spouse in unbiblical ways.

#9 “You must not testify falsely against your neighbor. In another version it says: You must not lie. Lying is typically something we do when it’s for our gain. False testimony is usually for someone else’s demise. And oftentimes they go hand in hand.

In marriage, we can give false testimony. Talking about your spouse to other people, it becomes easy (when you are upset with them) to share what’s upsetting you and not represent them in a true and positive way.

#10 You must not Covet.

You’ve all heard the phrase, Keeping up with the Jones’. Well, that can easily become a reality in our marriages if we don’t watch out for it. As a couple we are looking at what other couples have and trying to keep up.  It’s not a new thing; God’s been talking about it from the beginning.  Imagine the first time you saw a car you just had to have. Or the first time you walked into a friend’s large home and hated the realization that you had to go home to your own small box. We’ve got whole TV networks dedicated to coveting someone else’s house!

But in marriage, it’s easy to see someone else’s spouse and think how much better they have it.  He’s a great guy – and my husband is just sitting here on the couch, gaining weight, loosing ambition.

OR My neighbor’s wife is easy going – mine us up tight.  My neighbor’s wife is 15 years younger – you get the idea.  God has been good to you and in Marriage this means that we acknowledge where we need to be content

Click on the link above to learn with us today how to apply God’s Commandments to your marriage relationship.

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