Bible for Marriage Part 10 – The Miracles of Jesus

The Bible for Marriage Series Part 10 – The Miracles of Jesus

Where you need a miracle in your marriage? Where are you sick and how do you medicate? 

What is the condition your marriage suffers from and what solutions have you sought? In the absence of a solution, what have you turned to for a remedy?

Are you comfortable in your sickness? Are you comfortable in the limbo that is the state of your marriage right now? Have you gotten used to the mess? It’s crazy but true to say that it FEELS easier to stay there and deal with the familiar pain than to risk believing that things could be different.

Here on V2KRadio, we’re going to dive into some of the miracles of Jesus and as we do, we’ll see it’s our obedience and faith that provide the channel for God’s healing power and His presence that provides the miracle our marriage needs. Again, let me say, in each of these miracles, we’ll look at what was the person’s obedience and where did faith come into play.

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