Legalism – 3 Part Series

This broadcast is for those of us who KNOW what Christ has accomplished on the cross for us, but who have a hard time not trying to EARN His love. Today is also for those of you who have a spouse who needs to be set free from her self-imposed laws.

If you have some perfection-istic tendencies or if you have attended legalistic churches or you grew up in a house full of rules but devoid of much grace, I invite you to listen today because…

Legalism bleeds into our marriage relationships.

Legalism Part 1
Legalism Part 2

Legalism Part 3

What we’ll cover in these broadcasts:

#1 Legalism is a doctrine that believes the right performance will equal the right acceptance and approval from God and others.

#2 Legalism feels good – doing the right thing (even with the wrong motive) fools us into thinking we’re “good” before God

#3 Legalism is a gospel replacement – when we believe we can EARN God’s approval, we no longer need the cross. Which leads to #4

#4 Legalism enables me to feel justified even when my heart isn’t right with God

#5 Legalism is sin – because it Exalts human ability to be our own Savior. It prompts me to place my faith in ME, not in the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

#6 Legalism is not obedienceour works look like a response to the gospel rather than a replacement for it. Our works can LOOK like obedience to God’s Word.

Point #7 Legalism is like yeast. It spreads until it infects every area of our lives including every relationship in our lives.

#8 In legalism and performance, I become judge of my standing before God. If I did enough “good”, He’s happy with me. If not, I’ve got to get on His good side again. The bar is constantly moving and it wears me out.

That causes #9 – In legalism, I perform in fear. I don’t obey out of love.

#10 Legalism is a sanctification replacement. I can’t grow in Christ if I’m trying to change myself on my own. I am the branch and He is the vine and I must remember that apart from Christ, I can do NOTHING.

And then finally, in part 3, we’re excited to be walking through 4 steps to getting you (and me) from being crippled in the defeat of performance (which is looking inward) to staying in step with the Spirit (which is looking Christ-ward). In other words…

4 steps to taking us from where we are to where God has for us to be. From isolation to intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father. From self-analysis to freedom. From a to-do list type of life to a purpose filled life. From a life of wondering questions to absolute certainty.

We’ll see you soon on VowsToKeep Radio. David and Tracy

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