Trim It, Live It, Prove It… Part 1

Trim It, Part 1

This week we kick off a brand-new series and we can’t wait to share this teaching with you!

So often, we don’t have the MARGIN to love our spouse well or fulfill our God-given role well in marriage. We feel like we’re distracted and divided with no dividends to pour into our marriage relationship.

In Part 1 of this series, we’re going to look at 3 specific areas that hold us back, “FAT” that might need to get cut out so we can run this race well. (Hebrews chapter 12)

First, we’ll define this FAT that we’ll be talking about = sin or something that without a boundary becomes a sin

Then for the FAT…F-A-T.

F for Fluff and Foreign Objects – Anything in my life that’s a specific sins (a Foreign Object) OR anything in my life that’s not a specific sin but slows me down or trips me up.

A for Anti-Accountability – Anything in my life I don’t want accountability for.

T for Thieves – Anything in my life that robs my spouse/family of what I’ve been entrusted to be a steward of.

Next week Part 2 of Trim It, Live It, Prove It will cover how to specifically TRIM these fats out. God has amazing things in store for your marriage as you follow His Word!

For further study and encouragement this week, read Hebrews 12 and Proverbs 3.

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