Disconnected and Distracted

This broadcast was originally aired in what I would call “regular times”. Life as usual, but life defined as BUSY.

While we are out of the studio for this time of “staying home”, we want to reintroduce you to a few of our already played broadcasts that we think will be especially relevant for YOUR time at home, too.

Before the virus, I would have said I was distracted, and at times, disconnected. Distracted by things that sometimes mattered, sometimes really didn’t matter.

I would have said that David and I were disconnected at times and it took work to stay unified.

Now that we are spending all of our time together, we are closer BUT I have to keep a watch on where I am focused…because if my eyes aren’t in the right spot…

I am easily distract-able and that influences our connectedness.

So, take a listen while you have some extra free time – and don’t let anything distract you from staying connected to your spouse and your Lord.


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