Sanctification – God Isn’t Done With You or Your Marriage! Parts 1 & 2

Part 1
Part 2

Understanding salvation, justification, sanctification and adoption is KEY to a Biblically healthy marriage. Join us today on VowsToKeep Radio!

In this two part series, YES, we’re going to do some theological digging – BUT don’t be scared! As we walk through Biblical truths like…

salvation, justification, sanctification and adoption

…we will not only gain an understanding of our position in Christ, we will more accurately understand our Savior and His heart for us.

And when we’ve got those things firmly in hand, we will see the people God has put in our lives, like our spouse and our children, with new eyes.

And during this time of quarantine, that’s what we need… New eyes, new perspective, new purpose, a new compassionate heart of Hope.

God is not only asking you to grow spiritually, He’s asking you to play a critical role in your spouse’s process of spiritual growth. I believe that when we really grasp and understand these theological concepts, our marriages will begin changing for the better.  Our marriages will be built on a stronger foundation and together we will begin to look more like our Savior.

This is the Spiritual Wheel we reference in the broadcast:

Courtesy of Real Life Ministries, Post Falls, ID – Pastor Jim Putnam

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