How to Recognize Isolation and Get Back to Unity

What do you think of when you hear the word “Isolation”? What about when it’s applied to your marriage?

Isolation vs. Unity. That’s the war. That’s the reality in every marriage. Think about this…

You might have a situation between you and your spouse that pops into your mind – a recent example of when something has come between the two of you, whether it was his sin or yours (or both) and where there was unity, now there’s division.

Where there was connection, now there are two people walking on egg shells. Where there was flirting and joy, the I love you’s don’t come as easily. When there’s a sin between us, whether it’s His or Mine and forgiveness hasn’t been sought, we tend to draw away from each other rather than draw towards each other. So we isolate. And the more we do, the more we convince ourselves that we’re right and they’re wrong.

And the longer we isolate, the bigger the rift between the two of us gets. It can become a chasm of disunity that we don’t even want to cross anymore.

Does this sound familiar? Have you found yourself on one side of your rift and your husband on the other? There you both stand, untouchable.

You’ve distanced yourself to a place that’s far enough away in your heart that even if he tried to reach you, you wouldn’t let him.

You’ve told yourself it would take too much humility to let him touch your heart and after all, you’re better off over here with him over there.

The Island of Isolation is a place we often find ourselves but it shouldn’t be a permanent relocation. Take a listen to this week’s VowsToKeep Radio and let’s get to a place of unity once again in our marriages.

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