Do you want to go forward in your marriage but feel “stuck”? Make momentum by following the principles in this 6-Part series on VowsToKeep Radio… So often, we don’t have the MARGIN to love our spouse well or fulfill our God-given role well in marriage. We feel like we’re distractedClick to Listen!

An accurate view of ourselves deeply impacts our marriages for the better. Join us in this two-part series on Self-Worth! It’s all about seeking to have a Godly view of ourselves, to sift through the messages of the world and to let the lies fall through the cracks. We’ll takeClick to Listen!

Parents, teens and tweens ask and answer questions in this interview-style 2-part series on parenting! Parenting 101 Understanding the purpose of parenting. What is the most important thing parents should know about their children as they parent them? How do grace and discipline work with each other? Parenting by example.Click to Listen!

They say “Happily ever after depends on where you stop the story.” Your marriage story isn’t going to stop…Your legacy will continue into your kid’s kid’s futures and beyond. In this edition of VowsToKeep Radio, we’ll cover three main truths about Legacy to keep you moving forward in the right direction:Click to Listen!

This broadcast is for those of us who KNOW what Christ has accomplished on the cross for us, but who have a hard time not trying to EARN His love. Today is also for those of you who have a spouse who needs to be set free from her self-imposedClick to Listen!