“The outward fights we have with our spouse are a verbal manifestation of the internal war that rages in our individual hearts. When we live divided between two worlds, the result will always be strife. The war will rage.” In Part 2, we continue in giving Hope to marriages thatClick to Listen!

If you want there to be peace in your marriage, if you want to stop the fights, we have to start here: Get out a pen and paper and answer this question… What is it that I want? Before the end of the day: Make 2 lists…a tangible list andClick to Listen!

Are you getting what you want in your marriage? When we don’t get the “Effects” that we’re after in our relationships, we work to tweak our “Cause”…our behavior, our approach until we get the effect we want. But so often, we find our methods aren’t working. We end up feeling hurtClick to Listen!

Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me. Psalm 119:133 Temptations to veer off of God’s path are part of our everyday lives. Sometimes sin does gain a foothold in our lives. Sometimes we teeter on the precipice of giving in to what looks likeClick to Listen!