My mom always used to say to my sisters and I when we were fighting, “What would you do if our pastor knocked on the door right now? I bet you’d stop your bickering immediately and put a smile on your face.” Oh, Pastor! How nice to see you. DoClick to Listen!

This week on VowsToKeep Radio… REBOOT! (Part 1) Tracy shares this week on V2K Radio the guiding Biblical principles God has set in place for REBOOTING our hearts and our MARRIAGES. We will be studying Psalm 119 – and learning a simple but profound 3-step process to REBOOT: Reassess –Click to Listen!

How do we start praying with each other? Or is it OK to pray on our own? How do I pray with my wife?  Let me say…it’s okay to ask this question and wonder what to do about it. You may not be where you want to be in yourClick to Listen!

Church Liaison:  You can act as a contact person keeping your church aware of VowsToKeep activities and needs.  Liaisons provide information to their church for our marriage conferences, date nights, and ministry needs.  Commitment: One hour four to eight times per year. Prayer Partners: Come to VowsToKeep and pray for theClick to Listen!

You made a promise to when you said your Vows on your wedding day.  A promise is a VOW and our vows are a COVENANT, not just between you and your spouse, but with our covenant God! I think of a covenant as something I’ve said I would do…not somethingClick to Listen!

Christmas is coming in a handful of days and it’s the perfect time to admire the gifts GOD has given you. Do you know the reason for the season – JESUS? If not, go with me to read more, click here. But Christmas isn’t about the ‘obligatory’ ritual of goingClick to Listen!