Have you ever wondered if your marriage was a mistake? The list of sins that break the unity within marriage is long: Betrayal. Sins of selfishness that over time have slowly crushed you. Ill-treatment of one another. Your spouse asking you to give and not being thoughtful enough to seeClick to Listen!

Even though I knew that David needed more encouragement this week than ever before… I didn’t know where to start and even if I had, I didn’t want to give it. Have you ever been there? My heart had some ingredients in it that didn’t belong…bitterness and unforgiveness. Choking outClick to Listen!

Categorically, we have decidedly NOT done a show to include a lot of “tips and tricks” – you know, the fun, passionate things that can be the cherry on top for a couple -because it’s our belief that a successful marriage doesn’t start with outward actions but with the inwardClick to Listen!