What we do

The purpose for VowsToKeep is to apply the Bible to the challenges found in marriages today.   The primary charge of VowsToKeep is as follows:

  • To provide educational opportunities via seminars and conferences to present Biblical truth with application to enhance marriages.
  • To create and distribute inspiration and devotional literature through print, electronic, radio, and other media.
  • To provide Biblical foundational marriage knowledge to engaged couples.
  • To provide crisis intervention and spiritual counseling to any couple referred by a sponsoring pastor.
  • To provide mentorship to married couples and to coach couples who are in need of marital healing by presenting a distinctly Biblical view and clarity in the manner in which Christ would be glorified by their marriage.
  • To establish a residential counseling center for intensive, short-term marriage counseling.  To stimulate a change of pace in a charming setting we are raising support to provide a high-end rustic retreat lodge. We seek to give a chance to have a romantic time of unity!
  • To bring all the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To offer encouragement for pastors who are in need of marital healing in a relaxing and romantic setting.
  • Longer term VowsToKeep desires to disciple the next generation on how to counsel hurting marriages through the Word of God.  This will be done by offering consultation, training, resources and services to pastoral and lay ministry couples who desire to establish new or strengthen existing marriage ministry within the local church.


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