Marriage Coaching

What is Marriage or Relationship Coaching?

Have you been through marriage counseling without any real change? Are you ready to take a different approach?Christian Marriage Coaching can take you from where you are in your marriage to where God would like you to be.  Often times, one person in the relationship simply isn’t willing to make change. Marriage Coaching can help you to respond in the most appropriate way possible. Marriage Coaching is not “therapy” but Biblical application/helps to get couples unstuck through relationship education, learning biblical/healthy relationship skills such as confiding, communication and problems solving skills, and by having experienced successful married individuals and couples teach from their years of marriage experience, mistakes, and training.  Marriage Coaching develops a plan that is unique to your marriage. The goal is to help both you and your spouse come to a place of taking responsibility for what can be done to make progress. As both you and your spouse take action, change is inevitable!
What is the difference between coaching and counseling?Many have experienced Psychotherapy to be a dive of desperation with no direct Biblically based heart change in the end.  Many ‘professionals’ take the easy way out with Labels, Medications, and blame shifting to “unresolved psychological issues of the past.”  Coaching, however, begins with the present and assists in setting very clear and specific biblical goals. While the past may be discussed on occasion, it is addressed only in the context of discovering what is stopping you from developing the close and connected relationship you seek. The focus is on movement and taking action for the future of your marriage.
Coaching clients choose to work with a coach because they want to, not because they need to.  Coaches, as contrasted to counselors, are not seen as experts. Rather, they are seen more as a person with a set of skills they use to support people to achieve goals. A coach is more like a partner that you check in with to review your progress, vision for the future and set new goals. If you would like to discuss Marriage Coaching further, contact us at to start the process.