The Promise Suite

The Promise Suite at VowsToKeep

Work is underway!

One of the short-term missions of VowsToKeep is to establish a small retreat center for intensive, short-term marriage coaching.  To stimulate a change of pace in a charming setting we are raising support to provide a high-end rustic retreat suite.  It is our desire to simply provide a place where you can rest in the presence of Christ together.

Floor Plan Alt

Visually our goal is akin to what you might find at a typical bed and breakfast.  While there are thousands of bed and breakfasts in operation across the United States, VowToKeep is about ministering to marriages in a hands on way and as a 501c3 is not in it for profit.Timber Frame Master Bedroom

Why It Is a Priority

As the population of hurting marriages continues to grow nationwide, many see there is a great need to bring Gods truth and healing and its associated blessing closer to the people of our region. The Ministry Suite Construction Fund was created to provide those who have desires to help with this vital program with the opportunity of doing so.

What it Will Look Like

The Promise Suite is destined to be a romantic getaway with a warm inviting fireplace, large Jacuzzi tub and walk in rain shower. The suite is designed to pamper guests with comfort while they focus on God and their marriage.  From a guests arrival to their departure, we desire to create a biblically personalized retreat along with a romantic experience.

The Promise Suite construction is a means through which you can eternally bless many lives – the lives of those who will eventually find healing, restoration, salvation and worship in their marriage.

Do you want to bless marriages in our community – but don’t know where to start?

You can accelerate the construction of this space through several ways… bringing a place to be restored ever closer to those who need it now.  As a result, many more can have the privilege and blessing of biblical truth in their marriage. Your generosity and desires to share can help make blessings available to hurting marriages around the region.

The Promise Suite Construction project is a means through which supporters of VowsToKeep are invited to contribute construction materials and/or time to the construction of this 400 sq ft get-away.  We need volunteers skilled in most trades of building construction – specifically:  framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulation, drywall, tile, etc.

Do you feel that call to help build Godly marriages but are not able to come and swing a hammer?  Maybe you have a an interest in helping with interior decorating?  The Promise Suite Project needs your abilities too!  Fill out the form to get in contact with us – we’d love to talk!


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One advantage of supporting VowsToKeep is that each of our individual contributions is magnified when we all join together. Another advantage is that it’s easy to start helping. You can start this very minute, by clicking here to donate-buttongo to our secure Donations Page to make a donation either as a one time gift of a month gift.  Your donation to VowsToKeep today is an investment into future marriages who will be restored!


 Who can I contact to know more about the project?

At the helm of this project are Mike Wiseman and his wife Cheri, our construction project managers.   Click here to learn more about this dynamic couple!  The Wiseman’s are not only talented hands-on people but they have graciously taken responsibility of the construction and overseeing its progress along the way.

Before a nail is hammered on one of our scheduled volunteer work days, Mike will provide thoughtful leadership on the work that the crew will actually do.  As financial resources are ready, Mike will also be helping VowsToKeep create a road map that will guide the construction team so that we can finish the job in a timely manner.

If you are interested in learning more about the project and/or how you might be able to help, please contact Mike by clicking here.