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1 year ago

www.VowsToKeep.com is FULL of new broadcast resources for your marriage! Check out our most recent ones:

- Our Marriage – A Portrait of Thanksgiving
- Q&A Parts 1, 2, & 3 (Praying together, ... See more

1 year ago
A message for marriage champions...

Take 3 minutes to find out how you can be on mission for biblically healthy marriages.

1 year ago
Mid-Life Crisis Biblically Defined - VowsToKeep

Mid-Life Crisis?
Take 25 minutes to get your marriage grounded in God's
Click the link below...

Are you or your spouse experiencing what some might call a “Mid-Life Crisis”? Where did that term come from? Does it have its roots in psychology or the Bible? Our emotions on any given topic ... See more

1 year ago
Keeping Your Spiritual Fervor - VowsToKeep

Get some truth and encouragement for your marriage! Take a listen to last week's VowsToKeep Radio Broadcast...

There is a direct connection between keeping our spiritual fervor and keeping our passion in marriage. Key Verse: Romans 12:11 “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the ... See more

1 year ago
Saving Your Marriage Alone (Pt 2) - VowsToKeep

Here's Part 2 of Saving Your Marriage Alone...listen and be encouraged and equipped.
David and Tracy

  You are holding out HOPE for your marriage and everyone around you is telling you to just give up. But somewhere deep down, you KNOW you serve a BIG God. A God who created your marriage…A God ... See more

1 year ago
Saving Your Marriage Alone (Pt 1) - VowsToKeep

Does your marriage have to wave the white flag simply because your spouse has given up? Absolutely NOT!

We serve a BIG God who created YOUR marriage and He's got plans for your relationship. Listen ... See more

This week’s VowsToKeep Radio broadcast is for a special group of listeners…Your marriage is in an embattled position. The war for the future of your relationship is on and your partner in combat ... See more

1 year ago

Friday on VowsToKeep Radio...

Sin, Forgiveness and Hope for the most HURTING of marriages
9:00am on Shine FM Ohio

1 year ago
Trials in Marriage...Where They Come From and How to Deal with Them - VowsToKeep

Click the link to listen to this week's VowsToKeep Radio broadcast for YOUR marriage...

It’s easy to think that trials are just that…hard problems that rear their ugly heads and somehow we just need to muscle through. But the Bible teaches there are many sources of trials. Listen to ... See more

1 year ago
Daily Marriage Checklist - VowsToKeep

Invest strategically EVERY DAY in your marriage with this simple, yet deep thought-provoking marriage checklist. 10 ways to be proactive towards the health of your marriage.

Print it out and hang it ... See more

Are you as forgetful as I am? Wanting to pour into your spouse, wanting to invest in your marriage but…somehow at the end of the day you find yourself having either forgotten to do what you wanted ... See more

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