Are you getting what you want in your marriage? When we don’t get the “Effects” that we’re after in our relationships, we work to tweak our “Cause”…our behavior, our approach until we get the effect we want. But so often, we find our methods aren’t working. We end up feeling hurtClick to Listen!

Categorically, we have decidedly NOT done a show to include a lot of “tips and tricks” – you know, the fun, passionate things that can be the cherry on top for a couple -because it’s our belief that a successful marriage doesn’t start with outward actions but with the inwardClick to Listen!

There are 3 infirmities of Pride and in Part 1 of this 2-Part series on VowsToKeep Radio, we’re going to delve into the first one…Self-Reliance. Self-Reliance Self-Sufficiency Self-Righteousness These are the Sin-sicknesses that infect our lives and relationships. Are you ready to get better? Are you tired of limping around?Click to Listen!

They say “Happily ever after depends on where you stop the story.” Your marriage story isn’t going to stop…Your legacy will continue into your kid’s kid’s futures and beyond. In this edition of VowsToKeep Radio, we’ll cover three main truths about Legacy to keep you moving forward in the right direction:Click to Listen!