How to Surrender Your Marriage


What is surrender in marriage, and what is it not? Do you even need to surrender your marriage? 

You most likely clicked on this broadcast for one of three reasons…

1) This is a new thought to you, you’ve never considered applying surrender to your marriages or even what it means and you’re curious what that might look like

2) A pastor, counselor or friend has told you that you need to surrender your marriage or

3) You feel like giving up and surrendering sounds easier than what you’re currently doing.

We all have different things that come to mind when we hear the word “surrender”. So, how can we apply it to our marriages and do we need to?

Let’s answer that by going deeper and defining what surrender in marriage is and what it isn’t. 

This broadcast was done in conjunction with and author Heather Kaufman. Read more from her Surrendered Series and find links to her books at!

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