Never Let Them Know How Much It Cost You

Take this SHORT 4-Question Quiz:

  1. Do you give to your spouse out of obligation?
  2. Do you “trade” obligations with your spouse, looking to make things even and fair?
  3. Do you give to your spouse out of a heart of love but it takes sacrifice on your part?
  4. Are you vocal about the burden of serving your spouse?

I think I need a Number 5: All of the above. How about you?

There are times when I give without expecting anything in return – times when giving costs me something but I’m okay with that. But usually, inside I’m tallying up the unfairness of my generosity compared to my ROI (return on investment). Times when I feel boxed in, painted into a corner and I HAVE to give. There’s no choice. That’s when I begin to complain. It comes out and nullifies whatever I just did to serve.

Sound familiar? Listen now…

Never Let Them Know How Much It Cost You

It’s too easy to find someone who will agree with what we feel is an injustice, an imbalance of giving in our marriage. I need to constantly turn to God’s Word to remind myself of this…

I’m not losing a part of myself when I give without complaint or expecting anything back. That’s a lie from the world. The truth from God’s Word is when I love like He loves, I come out on the winning side.

Nothing lost. Everything gained.

I don’t lose my identity when I give, I gain my identity by becoming more like my Savior. I don’t lose my life, I gain a purpose that gives meaning to my life. I don’t lose what I have, I gain more for the next time.

Sacrifice done God’s way is beautiful.

Do an about-face in your heart by learning how and why to give out of a heart of love. Listen now…

Never Let Them Know How Much It Cost You

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