You made a promise to when you said your Vows on your wedding day.  A promise is a VOW and our vows are a COVENANT, not just between you and your spouse, but with our covenant God! I think of a covenant as something I’ve said I would do…not somethingClick to Listen!

The Best Marriage Ever Four Steps from God’s Word to Having a Marriage That Rocks   What do you want in marriage? To enjoy each other? To have a deep and strong love? 2 Peter 1:2-9 tells us that the greatest thing we can do to have the best marriage EVERClick to Listen!

Bridging the Gap You’re feeling like an island in your marriage, completely isolated with no boat back to the “mainland”. Now what? Ask God to help you identify what’s causing the gap between you and your spouse? Here are some common catalysts to distance in marriage: – When we feelClick to Listen!

7 Habits of a Healthy Fight Keeping Your Marriage in Tact During an Argument ————————————————- Arguments, disagreement, all-out war. They happen in marriage because we are sinners. It’s why we need a Savior. BEFORE you even start down that familiar road of arguing, begin by assessing WHY you are fighting…AreClick to Listen!

Spring is HERE! What are you planting? Spring, A time for new growth, for renewal. A time when we look forward to what will bloom from what we planted. A great garden and a great marriage start with great seeds. We don’t expect tomatoes to grow from dandelion seeds, soClick to Listen!

Christmas is coming in a handful of days and it’s the perfect time to admire the gifts GOD has given you. Do you know the reason for the season – JESUS? If not, go with me to read more, click here. But Christmas isn’t about the ‘obligatory’ ritual of goingClick to Listen!