Fiction isn’t just for entertainment…

God has used story over and over to mold me, shape me, show me more of Himself. I bet He’s done the same in your life. After all, He’s the ultimate Story Teller!

Fiction with a purpose allows you to journey with the characters and come out on the other side changed more into the image of Christ.

CrossRiver Media presents the ROOTS RUN DEEP series – An Inspirational Historical Romantic Suspense trilogy.

Can’t wait to share this life-changing fiction with you – Tracy Michelle Sellars

Robbed of the only family she has left, Justine Davidson escapes to America to outrun her pain and loneliness. Penniless and homeless, both fortune and misfortune, love and terror twist Justine’s road in new and unexpected ways.

In the midst of finding herself surrounded by new friends and being pursued by two very different men, Justine’s heart is torn between trusting a sovereign God and trusting in herself to avoid painful change.

Will deception and the reignition of an old passion bring Justine to the brink of hope or destruction?

Tracy sellars – back cover of roots reawakened

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