We live in a culture that applauds and pushes pursuit of self all in attempt to find satisfaction. And yet, why are so many still dissatisfied? Could it be because so many, Christians included, are pursuing the wrong things for satisfaction?  In this week’s episode, The Bible For Marriage: TheClick to Listen!

Are you an imitator of Christ or an imitator of the enemy, in regards to your spouse?  Or for clearer perspective, how do you respond when your spouse messes up or makes a mistake? This week on VowsToKeep, David & Tracy remind us of what Jesus calls us to asClick to Listen!

For those single and not yet married – this one’s for you! Did you know that you can plant seeds in the years prior to marriage that can positively or negatively affect your marriage? What kind of seeds are you planting today that will inevitably affect your future? Tune inClick to Listen!