Understanding salvation, justification, sanctification and adoption is KEY to a Biblically healthy marriage. Join us today on VowsToKeep Radio! In this two part series, YES, we’re going to do some theological digging – BUT don’t be scared! As we walk through Biblical truths like… salvation, justification, sanctification and adoption …we willClick to Listen!

Freely giving mercy and grace to my spouse… Wait, say that again? Mercy and Grace. Soooo opposite of what we FEEL like doing! Let’s go back to the Gospel on this topic. Let’s get into God’s Word this week on the topics of Mercy and Grace. Let’s see this asClick to Listen!

This broadcast was originally aired in what I would call “regular times”. Life as usual, but life defined as BUSY. While we are out of the studio for this time of “staying home”, we want to reintroduce you to a few of our already played broadcasts that we think willClick to Listen!

In this broadcast, we answer your questions about FIGHTING! Here they are… Question: Is it ever okay to Agree to Disagree? Question: In our marriage we are constantly at odds over time together or lack of sex. What advice would you have? Question: I want to stay home with myClick to Listen!

“The outward fights we have with our spouse are a verbal manifestation of the internal war that rages in our individual hearts. When we live divided between two worlds, the result will always be strife. The war will rage.” In Part 2, we continue in giving Hope to marriages thatClick to Listen!

If you want there to be peace in your marriage, if you want to stop the fights, we have to start here: Get out a pen and paper and answer this question… What is it that I want? Before the end of the day: Make 2 lists…a tangible list andClick to Listen!