Biblical Marriage Counseling/Coaching

You’ll learn how to apply God’s Word to your unique situation and walk away with hope in your hearts and tools in your hands. Biblical counseling is discipleship, fulfilling part of the Great Commission to “GO and make disciples…Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded.” The ultimate purpose of this discipleship is to make Jesus Christ personal and relevant to you by helping you come to a greater understanding of the grace of God and realize the life-changing, marriage-altering outcomes when you obey the Word of God.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend VowsToKeep if you are struggling in your marriage. David and Tracy will take you to the Bible and get the focus off of yourself and back on Christ first, then your spouse.
They will design a plan that is fit to the needs of your marriage and situation. Not a “canned” 10 steps to improve your marriage. I believe in my heart – they want to help.
My marriage is not perfect, but they got us on the right path.”


Marriage Counseling at VowsToKeep can take you from where you are in your marriage to where God wants you to be.

What’s different about VowsToKeep counseling?

  • Your marriage will be counseled by a husband and wife team in every session
  • You will be aligning your life/marriage to the Biblical directive of not going it alone and seeking out Biblical counsel and accountability
  • In the first 2 meetings, your husband and wife counseling team will create a roadmap for future sessions – so you’ll always know how far you’ve come and the road of HOPE God has your marriage on
  • Unlike mainstream psychotherapy, the past may be discussed on occasion, but it isn’t used as justification. The focus is on forward movement and taking Biblically supportable action for the future of your marriage.

What to expect:

  • Fill out our VowsToKeep Counseling form at the bottom of this page and you’ll hear back from us within 24-hours
  • After our initial conversation, if you are ready to move forward, you will receive an email with an intake form. Filling this out in detail will give your Biblical counselors insight into your needs as a couple, give forward momentum in the first meeting and give your counselors the ability to pray for you as we prepare to meet
  • After we receive your intake form, we will contact you to schedule your first session.
  • Sessions generally range from 1-2 hours
  • On average, your counselors will meet with you 12 times. Once your “Roadmap” is created, we will be better able to estimate your specific timeline.


  • Are the counselors state-licensed?
    • Our Biblical counselors use the model of “Intensive Discipleship with Loving Accountability” as opposed to state-licensed counseling, and are not under the regulatory authority of any government agency. Also, when the term counselor is used, it does not refer to a psychiatric or psychological state-licensed professional, legal, or clinical medical advice provider. The advice given is based on how to think and act from a Christian Biblical perspective.
  • Will my insurance cover the cost of my counseling?
    • VowsToKeep is a pledge-based ministry, meaning you decide what you will contribute toward your counseling. We do not have a set fee because we do not want finances to be the reason you do not seek Biblical counseling. Pledging $120 per counseling hour would cover all of the expenses for us to run as a ministry, however, because not all couples can afford this amount we ask you to pledge an amount appropriate for you. The amount of money you pledge goes directly to the ministry to cover its expenses. On average, a couple pledges between $40-$120 per session.
  • Is my pledge tax-deductible?
    • The first $50 contributed as a pledge goes toward the “service” of counseling. Any amount contributed over $50.00 per 1-hour session is considered a tax-deductible donation.
      • Example: If you pledge $100/session, $50 would go toward the service of counseling. The remaining $50 would be considered a tax-deductible donation
  • What form of payments do you take?
    • Contributions can be made at the time of your counseling via cash, check, or if you prefer to use a debit or credit card, you may pay online on our website under the Donate Tab.
  • Where will we meet?
    • VowsToKeep is blessed to be able to utilize several meeting locations provided by local churches and ministries. Depending upon time and location, we will determine the meeting place.

Let’s get started…  

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