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Short Bio

Tracy Sellars is a popular speaker, radio host, author and marriage counselor. She and her husband are founders of VowsToKeep Marriage Ministries. They live in the rolling hills of Logan County, Ohio with their three teenagers. She invites you to find encouragement for your life and marriage at

Detailed Bio

Tracy Sellars was born to speak the truth of God’s Word to your heart. She and her husband, David, minister to thousands of people every day through their Gospel-centered marriage ministry, VowsToKeep, strengthening couples with radio broadcasts and podcasts, Biblical marriage counseling, and speaking at conferences and events.

Always a teacher at heart, Tracy graduated with a B.S. in Education and worked in Christian radio for 12 years. These days, she can still be found in the studio recording VowsToKeep Radio or sitting on her front deck writing her latest historical romance novel.

She knows first-hand that fiction isn’t just for entertainment…even though one of her favorite things to do is read a good book! Fiction with a purpose allows you to journey with the characters and come out on the other side changed more into the image of Christ.

Tracy can’t wait for you to pick up her latest historical fiction book, Roots Reawakened, and to hear from you! Visit to be encouraged in your marriage today.

Latest Releases – Now available on Amazon!

1891 – Robbed of the only family she has left, Justine Davidson escapes to America to outrun her pain and loneliness. Penniless and homeless, both fortune and misfortune, love and terror twist Justine’s road in new and unexpected ways.
In the midst of finding herself surrounded by new friends and being pursued by two very different men, Justine’s heart is torn between trusting a sovereign God and trusting in herself to avoid painful change. Will deception and the re-ignition of an old passion bring Justine to the brink of hope or destruction? Find out in the first book in the Roots Run Deep series…
Roots Reawakened by Tracy Michelle Sellars

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1891 – The only witness to a framed murder, Summer Edwards is suddenly sorry she defied her parents’ wishes to visit her beloved aunt Elizabeth. She wanted freedom and adventure but soon finds all of the truth from her past is a lie to protect her future. Caught in uncovering the devastating facts, Summer’s heart and life tangle with a desperate Pinkerton Agent who will stop at nothing to bring all who deceive to justice…including Summer. Will both see past the camouflage of falsehood that surrounds them to the straight road of hope God is leading them onto together?

Find out in the second book in the Roots Run Deep series…Roots Revealed by Tracy Michelle Sellars

Praise for Roots Run Deep Series:

- "Enthralling!"

- "The characters are full and round and so easy to believe. Their emotions are things I can relate to! It is amazing how it can put into words things I have felt and remind me of experiences that allow me to understand what they're going through."

- "Hard to stop reading!"

- "If you are looking for a book to keep you engaged and wanting more from page 1, then this is it! The author truly knows how to tug at the heart strings of the reader. From chapter one until the very end, you are personally involved in a constantly thrilling packed journey of heartache, trials, friendships, family and love and betrayal! Any reader wants to be on the edge of their seat in excitement for what is going to happen next, and the Author DOES DELIVER just that. She is wise in her way of constructing a story so well that you really don’t see what’s actually happening until it’s clear as day! 
And I must say even though I had my suspicions, the book delivered the twists and turns that cultivates a mind to make ideas of what could happen, and then shows you through an unwinding and unraveling story of love…that redemption and freedom truly have many facets, and every journey is different. 
I was able to see in this book how the author wanted to clearly demonstrate that in life; we have many unforeseen circumstances, some that could nearly injure our sheer will to go on, but there is always hope."

-  "A must read!"

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Upcoming Releases

The Roots Run Deep Series continues Fall 2021 and Winter 2022!

Roots Revealed – Release November 9, 2021

Roots Redeemed – Release February 8, 2022