Do you give to your spouse out of obligation?
Do you “trade” obligations with your spouse, looking to make things even and fair?
Do you give to your spouse out of a heart of love but it takes sacrifice on your part?
Are you vocal about the burden of serving your spouse?

What is surrender in marriage, and what is it not? Do you even need to surrender your marriage?  You most likely clicked on this broadcast for one of three reasons… 1) This is a new thought to you, you’ve never considered applying surrender to your marriages or even what itClick to Listen!

Are you getting what you want in your marriage? When we don’t get the “Effects” that we’re after in our relationships, we work to tweak our “Cause”…our behavior, our approach until we get the effect we want. But so often, we find our methods aren’t working. We end up feeling hurtClick to Listen!

Categorically, we have decidedly NOT done a show to include a lot of “tips and tricks” – you know, the fun, passionate things that can be the cherry on top for a couple -because it’s our belief that a successful marriage doesn’t start with outward actions but with the inwardClick to Listen!