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date Night

General euchre guidelines

• For each round, each player deals twice for a total of 8 hands. There are 6 rounds at

20 minutes a round for 2 hours playing time. You don’t have to play fast, but also it is

loosely timed to keep the night moving.

• Cards are used to keep the team score and then transferred onto Individual Score

Sheets. Opposing team writes your score with initialing to verify Score Sheet.

• Scoring:

1 point for 3 tricks, 2 points for 5 tricks,

2 points for a Renege

2 points for a Euchre

4 points for a “loner”, 2 points for Euchre on a “loner”

For Loners: 2 points for Euchre, 4 points for Renege

You may score over 10 points for a round.

• “Stick the dealer” applies. Dealer must choose trump if everyone else declines.

• A card laid is a card played. Once it leaves your fingers, it cannot be switched.

• A player may order, assist, or pick up with anything (a natural trump is not required).

• Please no table talk of any kind, i.e., no giving players any indication of what cards a

player holds.

• If there are any issues at a table or questions, please raise your hand and someone

will come to answer/decide how play will resume.

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