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Want to go spiritually deeper? Want to offer opportunity for heart transformation?

look no further! 
you're in the right place!

I’m so excited you’re here! Let’s plan something GREAT together!


I’ve been speaking at Women’s Events, Mom’s Groups, Seminars, Retreats, Churches, and Mother/Daughter Retreats since 2010, leading listeners to Christ in Christian Radio for 12 years and weekly teaching on VowsToKeep Radio with a reach of
2.3 million listeners. 

My PASSION is Jesus, His living Word, keeping an eternal perspective while living abundantly for HIS Kingdom, and inspiring and teaching women to LIVE the Gospel in their everyday lives. 

I am available for single session events (Retreat Workshop/Breakout Sessions, Holiday Banquets, Mother-Daughter Teas, MOPS groups, etc.) as well as multi-session events (Weekend Retreats, Women’s Conferences, and Mother/Daughter Retreats).


REST (Matthew 11:28-30)

We’re tired, worn out. Looking for the perfect organizing tools to get our lives in balance. But what if we’re looking in the wrong place for what our hearts truly long for? This in-depth study on Jesus’s call to Rest from Matthew chapter 11 will cause the ladies in your group to hunger after God in a new, fresh way…ready to put their hand to the plow for His Kingdom and never look back.

  • Teaching Time: 6-7 hours. This is best as a Friday night (2 sessions) and Saturday (4 sessions) Women’s Conference. 

  • Special “Moments of Rest” interspersed throughout the weekend to allow women some quiet personal time with their Master, Savior and Teacher.

  • Technology: PowerPoint Slides and Handout

  • Best Audience: Women/Young Ladies in any stage of life/Married or Not Married

REBOOT (Psalm 119, Romans 7)

Do your life and heart need a refresh? Is it time to REBOOT? In this session, we’ll dive deep into Psalm 119, walking right alongside King David…breaking the text down into three sections we can ALL relate to: The ASK – God, I need you to help me! The SEEK/STRIVE – God, I desire to follow You! And The NEED – God, I have to have your Word. We’ll grow together as we Reassess, Remind, and Remain. 

  • Teaching Time: 1.5 hours with hands-on Bible study interspersed throughout

  • No Technology – Just ask every woman to bring a Bible and 3 highlighters!

  • Best Audience: Women/Young Ladies in any stage of life/Married or Not Married

NO OTHER NAME (Hosea 2:19, Revelation 19:7)

A blend of our identity in Christ, the Names of Christ and His purpose for our lives. Together, we will set our eyes on the things of eternity to change the way we live our everyday. 

  • Teaching Length: 1.25 Hours 

  • Technology: PowerPoint Slides and Handout

  • Best Audience: Women/Young Ladies in any stage of life/Married or Not Married

I AM MY BELOVED'S (Genesis 3, Song of Solomon 2:2-6)

This teaching/interactive session parallels our marriage relationship with our relationship with God in a way that will get women taking action to pursue both their spouse and their Lord. 

  • Teaching Time: 1.5 hours with interactions/activities interspersed throughout

  • Technology: Screen with PowerPoint, wifi, each woman will need a phone or device

  • Best Audience: Married Women

MARY & MARTHA (Col 3:15)

Is the Peace of Christ what is ruling your heart? What makes us driven for what we think will satisfy and why do we never reach the point of happiness we strive for? In this session, Tracy introduces you to a few “characters” – from the Bible and from real life. You’ll quickly see which one you most relate with and how to step into the PEACE only He can provide.

  • Teaching Time: 30 minutes 

  • Best Audience: Women/Young Ladies/Girls in any stage of life/Married or Not Married, Mother/Daughter Groups

KNOCK HIS SOCKS OFF (Col 3:23, John 13:34-35)

Let’s get the romance and sizzle back in our marriages! It can be tempting to fall into the rhythm of just going through the motions. But God designed your marriage to fulfill the BOTH of you, not just early in your marriage, but now! He designed your marriage to be a pursuit of loving the pants off each other (sometimes literally!) just like God has in fact, pursued you and continues to do so.

  • Teaching Time: 35 Minutes

  • Best Audience: Married Women, Mom’s Groups


A close look at what a husband needs and how God has created us as wives to specifically fulfill our role in their lives. 

  • Teaching Time: 20 minutes

  • Best Audience: Married Women, Mom’s Groups

  • Initial collaborative meeting to understand event organization, themes, and goals

  • Professional photo and logo jpg with Bio

  • Coordinated media to support each session (if PowerPoint is needed), including manuscript with slide cues

  • Availability after session(s) to receive questions and comments

  • Post-Event follow up and an informal survey seeking feedback

  • Most importantly, an outstanding talk at a fantastic event that leads women to Christ and His heart for them! 

My speaking fee is based on the type of engagement, the travel time, and travel expenses.  If you let me know your location and what kind of engagement you’re interested in, I’ll be happy to give you a quote. Can’t wait to build God’s Kingdom together with YOU! 

I didn't know God loved me that much!

Thank you for your teaching! 


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