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Historical romance by
Tracy Sellars

Award Winning:


Roots Run Deep

Start reading the award winning historical fiction series - The Roots Run Deep Trilogy! Each book is filled with intrigue, mystery, and romance. These are more than just entertaining books. Each story brings encouragement and proclaims uplifting Gospel messages! They are wholesome, edifying, and have received countless adoring reviews from ladies of all ages. Grab your copies today!

Book 1: 
Roots Reawakened

Robbed of the only family she has left, Justine Davidson escapes to America to outrun her pain and loneliness.

Will deception and the reignition of an old passion bring Justine to the brink of hope or destruction?


You'll find intrigue, mystery, & romance in this riveting historical fiction.

Book 2: 
Roots Revealed

Illumination Award Winner for Romantic Fiction

The only witness to a framed murder, Summer Edwards is suddenly sorry she defied her parents' wishes to visit her beloved aunt Elizabeth. Caught in uncovering the devastating facts, Summer's heart and life tangle with a desperate Pinkerton Agent who will stop at nothing to bring all who deceive to justice...including Summer. 

Will both see past the camouflage of falsehood that surrounds them to the straight road of hope God is leading them onto together?

Book 3: 
Roots Redeemed

5 Star Recipient from Readers Favorite

Amber Graham has no siblings, no parents, no roots. And to her, that means no future.


As she seeks to create the family tree she’s always longed for, Amber gets caught up in a cold Pinkerton case – never suspecting that the mysteries of her past are about to collide with the future she so desperately desires.


Will Amber blaze her own path toward the man who beckons or trust God to give her a place where her roots can run deep?

Amazon Reviewer

“Anyone who loves historical romance will enjoy all of these books. The thing I loved is that they aren't just another romance. The books also have mystery and intrigue and the added bonus of sharing how God impacts and influences the characters lives. My favorite part is the end of the books where the author has inspiring inserts from couples she has named her characters after. Thank you all for sharing a little of your love story."
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