In this 2nd part of a series on Spiritual Gifts in Marriage, David and Tracy compare and contrast spiritual gifts from talent.   How do we tell them apart?  What’s a spiritual gift as compared to a title you might find in the local church?  It’s clarity on a topic that rarelyClick to Listen!

Join V2K for a special series starting this week on Spiritual Gifts. We’ll study God’s Word together to learn about the gifts He has given and your eyes will be opened to how God wants you to use your Spiritual gift within you marriage and how you can use yourClick to Listen!

Having trouble communicating about money? You’ve come to the right place. Start by answering this: On a scale of 1 to 10 – within our marriage – are we serving money (1) or are we using it to serve God (10)? That’s a great starter question to help us toClick to Listen!

Join V2K for a special series continuing this week about finances. We’ll talk to the SPENDER spouse, the GIVER spouse, the SAVER spouse and the INDEPENDENT – the pitfalls for each of these and what God’s Word instructs us to do with our natural tendencies. Redeeming Money: How God RevealsClick to Listen!