“This book is one of the best that I have EVER read!!! So amazing. You become part of the story, you are there with the characters, you scream “what are you thinking”, you cry with them, you pray for them. This book is a true blessing….honestly, you find yourself somewhere in the pages of this book. Trust me, you want to read this…and you will never want it to end.”

“Intriguing story from start to finish! I just finished this book in 3 days. My adrenaline was really pumping at the end. A masterfully crafted story that I highly recommend.”

“God’s sovereignty is at the forefront: Roots Reawakened is based on the theme of learning to trust God again after tragedy & loss. It touches on painful circumstances that many women experience, but aren’t often addressed in novels, making this book very relatable. It’s easy to read and fast-paced. I’ve just ordered the second book in the series, and I’m looking forward to reading more!”


“After reading book 1 (Roots Reawakened) it was certain I would be reading the second book. From page 1 the author reels you into a story that has the most compelling characters and story. The intertwining of each and every role/character of this book makes it one you cannot put down. The twist of mystery, betrayal, love and grace is sure to get you thinking about how our own lives really do display a love story in itself from our Heavenly Father. He has every moment of our lives weaved into a beautiful book that sometimes catch us off guard but in the end, it makes sense, just like Tracy reveals throughout her book here. It is beautifully written and sure to engage you from the beginning. If you love all the romance and mystery wrapped into one… then I highly recommend this book!”

“Roots Revealed engages you from the beginning. I started the book and ended up staying up one night until I’d finished it. Once you are introduced to the characters, you want secrets to be revealed, the mystery solved and the romances to blossom. Tracy’s style of writing is fast-paced with well-developed characters and a heroine that grows through the pages. The secondary characters of the aunt with a secret and the man she lost and regains was a favorite of mine in the book also. The story is one of romance, mystery, and first, seeking God in all situations. I purchased the first book in the series because I was introduced to two characters in Roots Revealed that have their own story in book one.”

“Loved, loved, loved the 2nd book in this series. I finished it in record time for me. I love the mix of history and romance. Tracy really keeps you engaged with the story and it is a feel good read. Looking forward to the 3rd book.”